The Kingston Family Health Team is a FRAGRANCE-FREE environment.

Please respect those with scent sensitivities and allergies by not wearing scented products when visiting our offices.

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Gardiner's Road Site
11-500 Gardiner's Road
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 7W9

tel. (613) 389-5974
fax. (613) 389-0804
   Dr. Tu Van Banh
   Dr. David Pinkerton
   Dr. Carol White

   Antonella Gilmour  NP
   Krista Edgell  RN
Princess Street Sites
2437 Princess Street, Suite 200
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 3G1

tel. (613) 546-6652
 or  (613) 549-2255
fax. (613)344-1365
   Dr. William Aspy
   Dr. Lou Battel
   Dr. Adina Birenbaum
   Dr. Laura Di Quinzio
   Dr. Brian Farnell
   Dr. Robert French
   Dr. David Hurst
   Dr. Kenneth Pritchard
   Dr. Cathy Robinson
   Dr. Katrina Stevens
   Dr. Colleen Webster

    Wendy Guthrie  RN
    Jodie Lakins  RN
    Heather Geddes  NP
    Heather Wesselo  NP
    Christine Harris  RN, BScN
    John Rideout   PA
    Heather Arsenault   RN
    Katie Sullivan   NP

   After Hours Clinic
797 Princess Street, Suite 312
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 1G1

tel. (613) 531-4234
fax. (613) 531-0073
   Dr. Judith Davidson,
Ph. D., C. Psych.

   Anne Van Mourik, RN
   Amy Stevens, Dit
   Amy Marett, R.D.
   Vince Martin, MSW
   Polly Sidher, MSW
   Nicole Armstrong
   Richard Christie    [Executive Director]
   Specialty Clinics
800 Princess Street, Suite 401
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 5E4

See individual physician
for telephone numbers.
   Dr. Deanna Russell
(formerly Daneshmend)

                                         Suite 403

See individual physician
for telephone numbers.
   Dr. Colin Wilson
   Dr. Fenton Weston

   Antonella Gilmour  NP
   Bev Whiten  NP
Bagot Street Site
275 Bagot Street, Suite 202
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3G4

tel. (613) 549-7477
fax. (613) 549-4920
   Dr. Nancy Burget
   Dr. Aileen Gray
   Dr. Barbara Parker
   Dr. Karen Whalen-Browne

   Bev Whiten  NP
   Helene Walton  RN, BScN
   Karen Brownell   RN
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