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Dr. Far Announcement of Practice Relocation

Dr. Far will be relocating her practice to the Centennial Family Physicians location effective Jan 1, 2023.

For patients of Dr. Far:

WHAT WILL STAY THE SAME: Dr. Far will continue to have access to your Electronic Medical Records and to look after your medical needs with the help of our team, including RNs, NPs, the After Hours Clinic and the interdisciplinary health professionals working from our administrative office at 797 Princess. There is no need to arrange for a transfer of records or sign a new roster form.

WHAT WILL CHANGE: You will be cared for by a different group of health care professionals including new voices/faces at the reception desk, a different Medical Assistant, different RNs and NPs. You will be able to use the laboratory services on site at Centennial Family Physicians.

Dr. Far and the Team at Centennial Family Physicians look forward to serving you.

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