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Bone Health

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The Bone Health program is an interactive and educational group designed to optimize bone health. 

Participants attend a 2.5 hour group session where they will learn about:

  • the definition of low bone mass and osteoporosis

  • how fracture risk is determined

  • dietary sources of calcium and vitamin D

  • calcium and vitamin D supplements

  • medications used to treat bone loss, their risks, benefits and costs

  • exercise and falls prevention

  • community resources for patients with low bone mass and osteoporosis.


The program is facilitated by Dr. Adina Birenbaum and a Registered Nurse with cameos from our Team Pharmacist and Registered Dietitian.



Patients are referred to the program by their family doctor, NP, RN, or other health care professional within the Kingston Family Health Team.  Please speak with your healthcare professional if you have questions or would like to find out more about the program.

Senior Physiotherapy
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