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Centennial Family Physicians

The Kingston Family Health Team is a fragrance-sensitive environment.  Please respect those with scent sensitivities and allergies by not wearing scented products when visiting the office. Thank you.


200-2437 Princess Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 3G1


Tel: (613) 546-6652

Interdisciplinary Health Professionals

John Rideout, PA 

Physician Assistant

Nurse Practitioner

Morgan Batson, NP

Sarah Beyette, NP

Mila Miguel, NP (on leave)

Registered Nurse


Dr. Aspy, William

Dr. Battel, Luigi

Dr. Birenbaum, Adina

Dr. Colantonio, Marie

Dr. Di Quinzio, Laura

Dr. Far, Susan

Dr. Panosyan, Francis

Dr. Pritchard, Kenneth

Dr. Reid, Nancy

Dr. Thompson, Erica

Candice Bambrick, RN

Jessie Ridgley, RN 

Laurie Tripp, RN 

Sandi Glass, RN 

Wendy Guthrie, RN 

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