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OTN (Telemedicine)

What is OTN?

OTN (Ontario Telemedicine Network) is helping to improve access to care closer to home.  Telemedicine connects patients with specialists who are located outside their local area using a secure videoconferencing network.  This means a reduction in the time, costs, and stress often associated with travelling to another town/city for an appointment.  The network of specialists registered with OTN is growing and every effort is made to match patients to specialists.

Telemedicine is available to anyone with a valid Ontario Health Card. 


How does a telemedicine appointment work?

It's like a regular doctor's appointment only you will be seeing and speaking with the specialist by secure videoconference (on a computer or monitor).  A health care professional who has been trained in telemedicine will be present during the visit.


How do you access telemedicine?

  • A referral to OTN from your health care professional is required.

  • Once the referral has been received, a telemedicine coordinator will make every effort to match the request with a participating specialist.  They will also coordinate the details of the visit, including scheduling the appointment and working with the patient and the family physician to ensure all relevant information, test results, etc. are available for the specialist.

  • Following the visit your family physician will receive a report from the specialist.


A referral from your health care provider is required.

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