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Quality Improvement

Quality improvement is an ongoing priority that helps us continually find new and better ways of doing things so that we can enhance the patient experience and achieve even better clinical outcomes. Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care highlights a focus on quality in primary care.

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

The Kingston Family Health Team (KFHT) participates in several Quality Improvement (QI) projects annually, one being the completion of a Quality Improvement Plan, as required through the Excellent Care For All Act, 2010.

The KFHT’s Quality Improvement Plan, or QIP, is one tool that we are using to help us document and review our current performance in the priority areas:

  • access to care,

  • integration,

  • patient centered care,

  • cancer screening

  • and chronic disease management.

With this plan, we are able to review our targeted areas for improvement and chart our progress to improve the patient experience while delivering the highest quality health care today and every day.

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