Kingston Family Health Team

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Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation

We adopted the Ottawa Model of Smoking Cessation (OMSC) on January 17, 2011. Since then several hundred of our patients have stopped smoking with the program.  We use the best scientific knowledge and best medical practices in smoking cessation.  The program was developed by the Ottawa Heart Institute.  The Kingston Family Health Team intends to work with all who are smokers over time to help those who decide to quit.  We will support their quit effort as fully as we can and monitor their progress to offer continued help throughout.  Talk to your physician or nurse today about your options for quitting.

Developing a Quit Plan with the nurse/counsellor helps you to anticipate challenges, organize supports and discuss medications.

We have additional help for those who have relapsed after months of non-smoking.  In fact, we anticipate that some will relapse.  We see it not as a failure but an opportunity to learn more and make a renewed and stronger quit attempt.  Call your nurse/counsellor to discuss further help.